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Evan Lanier & The Bluegrass Express

Evan Lanier & The Bluegrass Express was formed in 2005 when Evan was 8. 


Original Members:


Noel Bolen: Lead Vocal & Guitar

Red Spurlock: Baritone Vocal & Banjo         *Died: Nov. 12th, 2012

Bob Hamblin: Tenor Vocal & Mandolin

Gil Morningstar: Bass                                  *Died: Nov. 16th, 2022

Evan Lanier: Lead Guitar & Occasional Banjo Tune


Other Members:


Joyce Spurlock: Bass & Tenor Vocal

Larry Griffith: Bass & Tenor Vocal

Tim Jackson: Dobro & Baritone Vocal


See some pictures of Evan and the boys when he was young.

You'll also find some when he is alittle older!






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